Whoosh! Screen Shine Go Cleaner, 30mL

SKU: 31030C

Product Details:

  • A superior, powerful and non-toxic cleaner that’s safe for all your screens and for you
  • The only Screen Cleaner that is guaranteed to be safe for ALL screens
  • WHOOSH! won’t damage, etch or harm any of your screens or devices
  • Certified 100% Non-Toxic ; Alcohol and Ammonia Free
  • Safe for family and child use with no harmful residue left behind or transferred on to your fingers to worry about
  • Ingredients reviewed by NSF International
  • Awaiting Eco “Designed for Environment” designation by EPA
  • Microfiber cloth treated with CLINIWEAVE® antimicrobial protection to protect against microbes, germs and bacteria
  • Keeps your screens and devices shining like new, safe to use & easy to keep clean
  • WHOOSH! proprietary formula removes dirt, smudges, make-up & skin oils
  • Leaves a nano-thin, anti-static, invisible coating that protects the screen against dust, dirt, smudges & fingerprints